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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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club of madison. this quote, first reported by the wisconsin state journal, reads 'very bluntly, milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place ive ever experienced in my life. it just is a place that is antiquated. it is in desperate need of repair and has happened for a long, long time.' the numbers dont lie, man. if he feels that way, he feels that way. bucks forward john henson refers to two national studies and a u-w-m report that found milwaukee to be the most segregated major metro in the country. but if the city is indeed in need of major ch spend hundreds of millions of public dollars on a new arena for a team with very wealthy owners? aj: after interest, 400 million taxpayer dollars for the publics share of the arena, that money could cover a lot of those repairs - what do you say to the people in milwaukee watching? edens: again, the choice of words wouldve been different but i think the notion of awareness is a good one. i know, from my part, were focused on doing the things we can to connect and make a difference in the community. the bucks have pledged to put their money where their mouth is.
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an hour by 2023. henson had his own high-profile incident last fall; he believes he was racially profiled by a suburban jewelry store that locked the doors and called the police before he could come in. my situation was just a small, small incident in a big, big realm of problems around america and in the community. we did ask to speak with peter feigin himself. team officials tell us he was not in madison today. reporting live from inside the kohl center, this story s drawing a lot of reaction-- both positive and negative-- online. we invite you to join the conversation. visit our facebook page -- fox six news milwaukee, and share your reaction. one of the suspects accused in the murder of a 5-year-old milwaukee girl is back in court today. it's the second day of trial for carl barrett junior. in 2014 -- he allegedly fired his weapon into a home -- hitting laylah petersen as she sat on her grandfather's lap.
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prosecutors say "divonte forbes" was one of the four people who went to the home. he admitted in court today -- he didn't see barrett shoot -- because he was on the other side of the house. sara says: you said that you shot that green gun, the camo gun. did mister barrett fire any shots or not?" divonte says: "the truth?" sara says; "what's that?" divonte says: "you want the truth?" sara says: "yes." divonte says: "i didn't see him shoot at all. he was on the side of the two other suspects reached plea deals with prosecutors. their sentencing hearings are set for later this year. a large police presence outside a glendale motel today -- to search for a wanted suspect. it happened at the motel six on port washington road. officers from both milwaukee and glendale were on the scene. we're told -- at least one person was arrested. so far, the reason the suspect was wanted-- was not released. south milwaukee police are looking for two men that robbed the
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avenue. it happened just before four this morning. police say the two men threatened to harm the clerk -- but they did not display any weapons. they were able to steal three garbage bags full of cigarettes. nobody was hurt. if you recognize them -- call south milwaukee police. to the weather now. a fall-like crisp to the air today -- as temperatures barely squeak into the 60's. and now -- rain is starting to move in wachs joins us now with a first look at the forecast. tonight: mostly cloudy with rain showers. low: 49 dewpoint: 47 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday: lingering showers. windy and cool. high: 60
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10-25 mph registered to vote includes additional access in milwaukee. today is national voter registration day. in the city of milwaukee-- people can now register to vote at any public library branch until october 19th. you just need to bring the necessary identification. besides new voters, there are some people who may not realize they also need to register-- again. c4381 13:01:18 anita johnson/citizen action of wi
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registration application if you are new to wisconsin, if you change your name :25...... :30 if you moved since the last time you voted or if you have not voted in the last four years. right now in milwaukee -- early voting is only at the ziedler municipal building. starting october 10th, you can also vote at the midtown center and the forest home library. for everything you need to know before you head to the polls -- visit the links section o or your fox six news mobile app. learn how to get registered, where you'll need to go to vote, which types of photo i-d will be accepted -- and more. after their first fiery faceoff, both presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail. hillary clinton was speaking to supporters in north carolina and donald trump was in miami. last night's debate was the most watched in history -- pulling in more than 80-million viewers.
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each other's debate performance. clinton says: "i have this old fashioned idea that if i'm asking for your vote i should tell you what i want to do." trump says: "we won virtually every poll. cbs, slate, time magazine" trump says: "i may hit her harder certain ways. i really eased up because i didn't want to hurt an her harder in certain ways." so both candidates are claiming victories after the debate... but who really won? fox six's rachelle baillon asked our political expert. she joins us here in the studio with his answer. good evening. we asked a pair of local political analysts to tell us who they think won last night's debate.... and what it will mean for the candidates here in wisconsin. donald trump and hillary clinton faced off for the first time monday night, and millions of americans tuned in to watch. "the bar was set so low for
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even do that. " brian fraley is a former political director of the republican party of wisconsin. he now runs edge messaging. he says he won't be voting for trump or clinton -- but says clinton was the clear winner in monday's contest. "hillary took some days off the campaign trail and she buckled down and prepared for this face off seen by you know almost a hundred million people and it shows. trump did not prepare did not do mock debates flew by the seat of his pants and that showd locked in a dead heat here in wisconsin. the most recent marquette law school poll showed clinton with 44 percent among the state's likely voters and trump with 42 percent. fraley predicts that monday's performance will halt recent polling trends. "it stops her decline and it stops his rise so it provides an opportunity for these last 40 days for a real slug fest." uwm professor mordecai lee thinks the debate was a draw.....leaving many undecideds voters on the fence. "ten percent of wisconsinites began the debate watching it last night they hadn't decided who to vote for and it's equally probable that at
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those ten percent still weren't sure who to vote for." donald trump will be here in the area tomorrow. he'll be at the waukesha county expo center at 6 p-m. fox6 will of course have full coverage of that event. back to you. ahead at six. bold break-ins... brazen crooks -- smashing out windows to nearly a dozen cars. it happened in broad daylight -- in busy parking lots. the warning from authorities tonight. plus. a scary under the hood of a car. that it took for the driver to notice there was a problem.
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inside your vehicle-- that's the warning tonight in washington county. this after 10 cars were broken into sunday afternoon at youth sporting events. six of the vehicles targeted were parked at this soccer field in heritage trails county park. another three were parked at a soccer field near fond du lac ave and donges bay road in germantown. and one was reported at a softball field near kennedy
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used an unknown object to break the windows and the purses were left in plain view. police say the incidents are likely related. officers are still searching for a suspect or suspects. call this a car break-in of a different kind in greenfield.... yesterday -- this was found under the hood of a vehicle that was on fire. firefighters say the car wasn't actually on fire -- but the possum's nest was. the little guy wasn't happy -- but firefighters say they were able to g a very fall-like day. there's a slight warmup coming though. tom wachs will be in next with his forecast. plus. bright things in the future at the botanical gardens. the crazy amount of work going into this
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awards open. in a meeting of east and west, a new exhibition opens this saturday -- promising to light up the boerner botanical gardens. fox6's carl deffenbaugh shows
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pandas and people, birds and butterflies. larger-than-life flowers and creatures that only live in stories. theyre all on display, ready to illuminate the boerner botanical gardens throughout the month of october. 'its really out of this world.' this magical menagerie is called 'china lights,' and it brings some of the wonder of chinese lantern festivals to the midwest. 'its spectacular. i mean, this is an amazing exhibit during the day but at night, when the lights come on, china have spent the last month assembling the show, which features around a thousand individual pieces. welders build the frames, electricians install the wires and bulbs, and artists add silk splashes of color for a dazzling final product. 'we had 28 artisans coming from china and they stayed here for four weeks time. and they worked day and night to have these lanterns built and set up.' 'there are about 40 installation areas over a three-quarter mile loop here at the botanical gardens. and sure to be one of
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gives you a sense of the scope and scale of this exhibition.' 'i am just ecstatic that this is here in milwaukee, and just ecstatic that we at the gardens can show this to everyone in the area. its a dream come true to have it all here.' a dream come true, as a dream world prepares to light up the gardens. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. you can learn more about the "china lights festival" and purchase tickets by fox six now dot com. just a 6 is collecting coats for kids... to keep them warm this winter. you can join in... just by going through your closet today. slightly used winter coats in all sizes - kids and adults - can be donated at any of our sponsor locations. for more details - simply head to
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with rain showers. low: 49 dewpoint: 47 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday: lingering showers. windy and cool. wind: ne 10-25 mph thursday: partly sunny and windy. am low: 53 high: 66 dewpoint: 55 wind: ne 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and windy with the slight chance for rain. am low: 55
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10-20 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and windy with the slight chance for rain. am low: 55 high: 66 dewpoint: 53 wind: ne 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny. high: 68 dewpoint: 51 wind: ne 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with rain showers. low: 49 dewpoint: 47 wind: nw 5-10 mph
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windy and cool. high: 60 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 10-25 mph thursday: partly sunny and windy. am low: 53 high: 66 dewpoint: 55 wind: ne 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and windy am low: 55 high: 66 dewpoint: 54 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and windy with the slight chance for rain. am low: 55
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partly sunny. am low: 55 high: 68 dewpoint: 51 wind: ne 5-10 mph
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but it's not from aaron rodgers. we'll hear from their coach on what this week entails for the organization. and once again the badgers will be on the defensive. coming up why that is a good thing for the badgers as they get ready for michigan. break workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class and working families should come first. darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? switch to u.s. cellular for our best plan yet: 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. to share more photos at your cabin or video chat at your secret fishing spot... all for just $49.
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owers in places the other guys don't. because u.s. cellular thinks you deserve a signal that works wherever you are. switch to u.s. cellular and get a whopping 7 gigs of data per line
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illinois' calling. calling the makers. the doers. those who prefer one-of-a-kind, to common fare. calling the endlessly curious, and the boundary pushers. those who would rather make the most
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and its calling everyone, everywhere who's up for amazing. so the only question is: are you? 6. even though it's the end of september and only 3 games have been played, the packers. that means the players are off until monday. however, not everyone in the organization gets or will take time away from their job. "it wont change what we do here but quite frankly it will give us a chance to dive deeper into it as far as more on the individual bases, individual player bases as opposed to more of a unit group setting if you follow me. thats what we're gonna do."
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travel to the state of michigan to play a top 10 ranked and undefeated team. this time it's the wolverines and once again, paul chryst will be turning to his defense to help keep the badgers undefeated and ranked in the top 10. "when we're playing good defense it's because every guy is doing their one eleventh. they're doing their job and they're trusting the others are going to do theirs. so they can put all their attention and all their effort, focus, energy into being the best ad doing whatever it is that they have to do. i think it's it's another great week for high school football match ups and we have 3 for you to choose from for our high school blitz game of the week. brookfield academy at university school, west bend east against west bend west, or kettle moraine lutheran at kewaskum.. vote until 10pm thursday at fox 6 now dot com slash sports and pip will feature the winning game friday
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school blitz. there is no more off season for the bucks as training camp officially got underway today in madison. as basketball now gets serious, the last bit of fun, so to speak, came yesterday as the team held it's annual media day. that meant it was once again a time for giannis antetokounmpo to give everyone a chance to laugh. outcue: " one laughed. " duration:0:23 "ok you guys take it easy on me. um, one, two, i have, i have a joke. ok, knock knock? who's there? nobody laughed. laughter, no one laughed." after a couple of months of separation, the brewers were able to say hello to a friend and former teammate yesterday as they met up with jonathan lucroy for the 1st time since his trade to texas. lucroy is preparing for the post season while the brewers are looking to
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doing that down this final stretch. jonathan villar led the way last night blasting 2 home runs and driving in 5 runs in the brewers 8-3 win. lucroy had a hit in four at bats in the loss. tonight, jimmy nelson gets what could be his final start of the season. we'll have highlights on fox 6 news at 10. after the tragic news of the passing of marlins pitcher jose fernandez, his teammates took the field for the 1st time last night. and the marlins got an emotional start to the game when dee gordon led it off with a home run, the bases and was met with hugs and tears from his teammates after touching home plate. it was a special moment for gordon and the rest of the team as they try to deal with their loss. follow breaking news 24-7 by
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: screw the debate. blac chyna and rob may have broken up. [laughter] >> thank god! >> rob and blac chyna are not harvey: if they've broken up, she still is having the only kardashian heir. >> but under the thumb of kris control for the shows and all of that. the baby, the baby pictures, the baby special when she gives birth. [laughter] >> what was that? >> where did that come from? >> we have video of brody jenner losing it. >> [bleep]! >> he was staying at the marriott. some of stuff was in his manager's room.
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i worked at a hotel and there were times when you could say don't let them in. especially if my wife shows up. >> tom brady and giselle are over in capri still. he has white pants on. she has her little fedora hat on. wearing a little sun dress. >> we have to talk to you about burying the lead. >> here, charles, there's your lead. her thong bikini! >> that's the lead, all right! >> we got martin luther king iii. harvey: martin luther king jr.'s son. >> and we talked t the debate. >> trunk did better than i thought. just trump -- trump did better than i thought. she did very well. >> the best part of the debate, there's a video of everybody rushing in and there's a reporter and everyone behind her trying to push their way in. listen to what she does to the other reporter -- >> thanks a lot, bitch. [laughter] announcer: pasta baleeny, giselle in a bikini. it's tom brady in -- harvey: oh, i was suspended, boo-hoo!


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